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Digital transformation is sweeping across industries. The change is leaving a sizeable—and growing—gap between the skills a company’s workforce has and what it needs to stay relevant. Reskilling and upskilling are strategic imperatives and have become integral to a successful workplace.

The new technological developments call for talent that can address future challenges around cybersecurity, data sciences, cloud, machine learning, automation, UX design, AIOps, DevOps, and mobile application development. However, constrained by time, budgets, and the availability of training skills, organizations are slipping back on their skills targets.

Our clients don’t face these roadblocks. They are creating a talent storm using our HyperSkill boot camp.

HyperSkill is a sophisticated service finely tuned to tomorrow’s skilling, upskilling, and reskilling needs. Our clients can rapidly adapt to the changing environment without worrying about continuously realigning their education programs.

Our 30 to 90-day HyperSkill boot camps use industrialized processes to identify requirements and match them with training expertise. Result: Top-notch programmers in the latest and greatest technology stacks, equipped with an innovative mindset, ready to use the most advanced tools and development frameworks.

HyperSkill boot camps have effortlessly delivered top-notch full-stack developers adept in full stack development , Data Sciences, Cyber Security, RPA, Python, Salesforce,  MS Dynamics, Oracle, Pega and several other emerging technologies and business streams.

How HyperSkill Works for You

  • Practical: 80 percent hands-on training led by industry practitioners and mentors to build, test, and publish real products
  • Deep: 700+ hours of immersive coding with industry best practices that deliver confident, high-performance programmers with a problem-solving approach
  • Proven: Over 800 resources trained in full-stack programming between 2015 and 2023
  • Flexible: Organizations can opt for a talent assessment and requirements gap mapping, then add optional but customized boot camps to bridge the gap
  • Affordable: All programs are available in an easy-to-budget subscription model
  • Diversity: Owing to the flexibility to choose incumbents and train as required, organizations derive the ability to meet their diversity goals
  • Productivity-focused: Better-skilled employees are more motivated and confident and are more likely to take initiative, be more productive, and deliver programs successfully
  • Higher retention: Employees want to work for companies that invest in their skills and help improve their career prospects—a fact that contributes to higher retention (while reducing the overall cost of recruitment)

How HyperSkill Has Worked for Our Clients

  • A large ecommerce captive got more than 30 developers upskilled in Java, React and AWS in just 60 days. Our program also helped them meet their diversity goals
  • A healthcare company from the US got 15 people turned into experts in PEGA in 4 weeks. The batch included developers, business analysts and project managers
  • A financial technology company built a team of 100 automation test engineers in 4 weeks with the help of HyperSkill
  • An Insurtech captive got a team of 15 Dotnet core and Angular developers upskilled in 2 weeks

Where can HyperSkill be used?

Our skilling, upskilling, and reskilling boot camps are tailored for three segments:

  • Bench Strength: This includes conducting stringent technical skills assessments of existing employees and mapping them to requirements, followed by customized boot camps and live product building, ensuring the client has a high-quality, ready-to-deploy workforce of the future
  • Lateral Development: Specifically designed for talent looking for horizontal or vertical options, the program identifies industry-specific trends, conducts capability mapping and boot camps, provides mentorship, helps build a future-focused portfolio, and deploys the upskilled talent
  • Freshers: This includes conducting rigorous aptitude and programming assessments, mapping them to industry-specific requirements, training at our boot camps, and connecting the newly skilled resource to the right employer

Download the HyperSkill brochure for pricing details and the full benefits of the service


How HyperSkill Worked for Program Participants

“Aside from ensuring that First Mile Consulting’s (FMC) reskilling program armed me, a Java UI developer, with new skills—in Salesforce—so that I could be reboarded by my company for Salesforce projects, I was impressed by the process-driven culture of the FMC team. Nothing was left to chance; everything was customized and delivered as promised. Two thumbs up to FMC’s HyperSkill program.” – 27-year-old healthtech employee.