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IntreviewAce | Pro

Are you turning away great candidates because your interviewer was exhausted from too many interviews? Or the right interviewers were unavailable because they were stuck in a billable project! Perhaps the interviewer could not balance the applicant’s likability with their competence.

The list of things that sabotage interviews is exasperatingly long. These range from the interviewer not having the time to read the candidate’s application and CV to the candidate feeling uncomfortable because of interviewer bias, conflicts of interest, the wrong questions being asked, and the interview being poorly scheduled.

We are here to change that for you.

Over 80 top organizations have handed over their pre-selection process to our IntreviewAce|Pro service. A reliable panel of over 950 industry-approved interviewers conduct interviews using consistent processes and fair scoring systems. IntreviewAce|Pro presents shortlisted candidates with a guaranteed 50 percent selection rate. Plus, the candidates, regardless of selection, have a great experience.

How IntreviewAce|Pro Works for You

  • Quality: Improve selection rate to 50 percent versus industry average of 8 percent
  • Scalability: Increase your interview bandwidth with our 24*7 service
  • SLA-driven: Faster turnaround time for L1 interviews of 24 hours versus the industry average of 11 days
  • Transparency: Bring objectivity, transparency, and consistency to your recruitment process
  • Trustworthy: Candidate evaluation notes with video highlights are available
  • Unbiased: Our panel of experts is free of biases, improving candidate assessment
  • AI-powered: Blend of AI and humans with AI-based code testing and evaluation (where required) done in real-time

How IntreviewAce|Pro Worked for Our Clients

  • A healthcare IT company fulfilled 400 positions in 1 month leveraging preselection. IntreviewAce|Pro conducted 3600 interviews and shortlisted 479 candidates, out of which 400 were hired
  • An IT services company engaged IntreviewAce|Pro as part of M&A due diligence while acquiring a product company of 400 people. IntreviewAce|Pro assessed the 400 people via case studies and interviews, and provided retention and compensation benchmarking recommendations
  • A global consumer electronics giant engaged IntreviewAce|Pro to assess ten AVPs to promote them to VP roles. IntreviewAce|Pro designed a complex case study and live scenario based framework based on five business and technology dimensions, and recommended three promotions

Download the InterviewAce|Pro brochure for pricing details and the full benefits of the service

Interview as a Service


Interviewing people to fill important positions in an organization is an art form combined with technical skills and knowledge. Most organizations do not have resources that can effectively combine both. This is the #1 reason there is a demand for specialists who can conduct interviews on their behalf and deliver the best-fit candidates to the organization. Like hundreds of other competent, experienced, and technically sound professionals, you could build a well-paying career – or a part-time avocation – as an interviewer.

InterviewAce|Expert is a program designed to certify you as a professional interviewer. Several organizations have also opted to use this program to train their internal teams.

When you complete the program, you will have the immediate option to participate as an expert on the panel of FirstMile interviewers.

How IntreviewAce|Expert Works for You

  • Guidance and Training: Provided to prepare for and conduct interviews

  • Techniques: To identify the right candidates such as active listening, clear communication, technical competencies, empathy, avoiding personal biases, interview structure, and reviewing candidate resumes

  • Tools: An understanding of interview scoring systems, soft-skills evaluation, mock-project creation

  • Income: Join the panel of FirstMile interviewers and get paid

  • Gratification: Take pride in putting the best people in the best organizations and make the best use of your free time

How IntreviewAce|Expert Worked for a Program Participant

“I have become an invaluable resource for my industry after doing this short but effective program. My ability to quickly identify a candidate that fits the role has grown substantially. By hiring the right person, I am able to ensure quality hires for First Mile’s clients, at the same time enhancing candidate experience.” – Senior consultant on First Mile interview panel

Download the InterviewAce|Expert brochure for pricing details and the full benefits of the service


Interview as a Service


Potential employers seek people with the right skills, experience, aptitude, and cultural fit. They use questions to uncover the range and depth of your expertise, probing to examine your strengths and weaknesses and see if you can meet their expectations. But for most positions, applicants outnumber the available job positions. Studies show that job seekers have a 26.24 percent probability of receiving a job offer, a 36.89 percent after the first interview, and a 51 percent chance after three interviews.

We can change that and improve your chances of receiving a job offer faster and with the organization you want.

InterviewAce|Seeker is a program designed to ace interviews. Whether it is an in-person, video-based, or phone-based interview, our program will prepare you to leave a lasting impression, which probably will be followed by an offer letter.

How IntreviewAce|Seeker Works for You

  • Guidance and Training: Mock interviews to fine-tune communication, presentation, problem-solving, motivation, confidence, collaborative thinking, business focus, adaptability, and domain-focus

  • Support: Access to 10,000+ skill based Question and Answers

  • Assistance: To identify and reach the right employer and our premium clients

  • Marketability: Score Badge that can be used on your resume or LinkedIn profile

How IntreviewAce|Seeker Worked for a Program Participant

“I could see the difference in the very first interviews I did after undergoing the InterviewAce|Seeker program. I felt more confident and more focused and was able to engage the interviewer better. I got an offer letter practically overnight!” – 32-year-old database expert applying at a mid-sized, tier 2 technology company

Download the InterviewAce|Seeker brochure for pricing details and the full benefits of the service